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1. Hallspot is a new social networking site that is dedicated to college students. The project has already managed to gather hundreds of thousands in seed money. The project is going to be launched at the end of this month, and more than six thousand students have pre registered for this service.

Specialists were curious to find out how come a person with limited knowledge related to programming can launch a successful social network. Sean Thorne, the mind behind this project, has said that once he got the idea, he understood he had to move very quickly, as it was very possible for many other people to have similar ideas.

He shared his ideas with close family members and his close friends and he persuaded one of them in becoming co-founder. Today the team has two developers, two interns and four designers. Hallspot has been built over a period of four months of continuous hard working.  The creator has also stated that his knowledge of programming was limited in the beginning, but that he understands well the mechanism behind the creation of such a program.

2. Estimote is a startup company that has received the Nest Hardware Startup award at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013. Estimote has manufactured a device named Beacon that has showed to be useful for interaction between customers and retail spaces, using a simple phone. It also makes possible touchless payments and delivers information on request.

3. Temnos has launched a new platform that is said to the offer online publishers useful data, in order to make their content more engaging. Temnos has also managed to raise 1.24 million USD in funds.

Temnos has been founded this year and the team of workers has managed to develop technology that can analyze text. When a publisher sends Temnos its content, the new startup company sends back metadata related to the content it has gotten.

4. Scootdoodle is a startup that is located in San Francisco and can be defined as a social creativity platform that is created in order to boost your friends’ creativity during live studios.

5. Instabug is the place where app developers can test their creations. This is an in app feedback startup that has proved very helpful for those passionate about creating apps.

6. Livemap is the startup dedicated to those that love motorcycling; it is the tool that helps them navigate properly. It is a navigation system that goes beyond the capabilities of paper maps or existing navigation systems. The display is installed right on the helmet of the motor biker.

7. Shake is another startup that dreams of revolutionizing the global market. This new startup was created in order to help people simplify legal transactions with the help of a smartphone. Shake is now providing five agreement types but promises to add much more.

8. 15Five is a startup that can help managers get the pulse of their own companies.  The idea is that each employee can spend 15 minutes a day giving feedback to the manager. Then the manager can read it and thus manage well his company.

9. TaskRabbit is another interesting startup that is dedicated to helping people live smarter by outsourcing the daily tasks and errands.

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Startups News


1. KnowRe is an award winning educational software builder that has recently created and launched on the market new products that will help teachers and students. The company has gained recognition due to its products which are using adaptive learning solution for mathematics.

A pilot program will run in 34 American and Canadian Cities, including a pre Algebra curriculum, data displaying Teacher’s dashboard and a reward system that utilizes quests, challenges and virtual coins which should prove to be efficient in the work with the students.

2. Sokikom has managed to win the attention and recognition of Educational Publishers’ Distinguished Achievement Award. Sokikom is a multiplayer online math social learning game.

AEP Awards are offered to the best quality resource provider in the educational sector. The excellence of the program has been recognized by teachers, professors, administrators and parents. The business is dedicated to creating products that will help school students grades 1 to 6 like mathematics.

3. Cambium Learning Group has won the 19th Annual Best Educational Software offered by The ComputED Gazette. Cambium Learning Group is creating all sorts of educational materials that help the kids rich their full potential. Five of the products that they have created won the awards of The ComputED Gazette. These awards are given to the products that are thought as being creative, innovative, offering valuable content to possible users. All resources are available online. The company is managed by former instructors that have performed in the San Diego area.

4. Mirada Medical is a National Business Awards finalist in the UK, a company that is based in Oxford, with customers located all over the world. Mirada is involved in creating software programs that are used to improve people’s health. With their new software, the doctors can improve cancer care. Mirada is the creator of the Deformable Registration Technology in the radiation therapy.

5. The 2013 Business Excellence Awards have nominated Tangent Medical as the most innovative company because of its NovaCatch Integrated IV Catheter System. These prizes are offered to the best companies of small and medium sizes that demonstrate their achievements, accomplishments and contributions.

Tangent was one of the 400 companies that competed for the award. The company is dedicated to developing and selling IV therapy products. Its ultimate goal is to establish a new standard in catheter design.

6. Medkinetics has recently won the National Technology Award. This company was picked as the best example of American ingenuity when it comes to technology use.

The award is offered by Dell Inc and the National Federation of Independent Business. The program can store close to 3000 data elements and it is mainly used in hospitals.

7.  The Small Business Online Growth Program which was created and developed by Marketing Consulting Team has won the Best Small Business Project Award in Mexico City, Mexico.

The Online Growth program helps smaller companies develop their own presence on the internet. The program has helped, at the moment of receiving the award, about 1,600 companies from Australia. The idea was extremely useful, as about 90 percent of the Australian companies have access to internet, but only 35 percent of them are present online.

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