AngelMD has launched an innovative crowdfunding platform that matches people that invest in medical technologies with startups from the entire world.

Any physician can create an account for free, and then check out the companies that interest him or her. New companies are added to the database each month, and all the new additions try to match the member’s interest through educated “guesses”. The company has also built an iPhone up, which offers easy access to a nationwide network of potential clients.

A new Portland startup named ReelDx is trying to save children’s lives by helping the doctors take better decisions and diagnose the medical conditions much faster. It is a long-awaited, welcome medical training option, according to Louis Kraml, CEO at Bingham Memorial Hospital in Idaho.

ReelDx has built a big video library that shows various patients and their symptoms, as well as the proper diagnoses for their medical problems. The startup wants to educate the doctors, offering practical information that can’t be found in a regular book. ReelDX was launched at the end of 2013 and is now featuring mostly pediatric videos. Nevertheless, the founders plan to include many other medical videos in the near future.

Inspire Medical Inc. has created an implantable device that has proved to be successful in treating sleep apnea. The device works by sending electrical pulses, which prevent the tongue from blocking the airway, to a nerve that is located below the tongue.

A recent study has shown that about 66% from the patients were able to sleep well, while about 16% of them have declared that their sleep experience has worsened after trying the device, which will be tested by FDA next month.

AUM Cardiovascular, a medical startup in Minnesota, is funding a study which aims to prove that the company’s technology can detect coronary artery disease. We are talking about a non-invasive technology, and the device that uses it is a small sized, handheld one.

The device works by measuring the blood pressure variation along the blood vessels; any pressure change along a particular artery may indicate that it is clogged. The study will enroll close to 800 people from the US.